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Ambronite in a few words (40 words)
Ambronite’s mission is to transform humans and our planet from surviving to thriving, through a sustainable plant-based lifestyle.
We are helping urban professionals to live their life to the fullest by creating delicious, plant-based foods designed for modern lifestyle.

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake
Our first product, Complete Meal Shake, contains 100% of everything your body needs, and quenches hunger for 4 hours — only with real foods.

Ambronite in the world
Ambronite has customers in over 30 countries and has been covered by e.g. TIME Magazine, Wired and Wallpaper. We are venture backed by investors such as Jawed Karim (YouTube co-founder) and Lifeline Ventures.


Brand guidelines
Ambronite brand guide

Ambronite text logos

Ambronite Superhero (man)
Ambronite Superhero (woman)


Lifestyle photography
Use case photos (breakfast, lunch, working)
Ingredients, packaging and shaker photos

Product photos
Complete Meal Shake 1600 kcal (bag)
Complete Meal Shake 400 kcal (single pouch)
Balanced Meal Shake 4000 kcal (tub/jar)

Team photos
Team Photo 1
Team Photo 2

Founder photos
Founder Photo 1
Founder Photo 2


Product one sheets
Complete Meal Shake — 1 page A4

Other elements
Ambronite Leaflet (delivered in print to all new customers)
Ambronite Fonts

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